Dreidel HD – Now available on iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch

Dreidel HD – v2.0

Dreidel HD v2.0 is now available in the AppStore.

With Universal support added, Dreidel HD is now available on iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch.

Come and spin the Dreidel and chance your luck to win the pot of shekels! This is no ordinary dreidel – it talks, it spins with the slight touch of a finger and it keeps electronic score.  Anyone can spin and anyone can win – you are the master of your own fate!

The Dreidel game follows rules similar to those any Jewish home uses throughout the world. Dreidel allows up to 4 players per game, you enter your name and pass it around with each turn. Each player begins the game with an equal number of shekels, or gold coins.

At the beginning of each round, every participant puts one game piece into the center “pot.” In addition, every time the pot is empty or has only one game piece left, every player should put one in the pot.Every time it’s your turn, spin the dreidel once. Depending on the outcome, you give or get game pieces from the pot. The symbols come from the Hebrew alphabet and here’s what they mean:

a)      Nun means “nisht”or “nothing” [in Yiddish]. The player does nothing.

b)      Gimmel means “gantz”or “everything” [in Yiddish].  The player gets everything in the pot.

c)      Hey means “halb”or “half” [in Yiddish]. The player gets half of the pot. (If there is an odd number of pieces in the pot, the player takes half of the total plus one).

d)      Shin (outside of Israel) means ”shtel” or “put in” [in Yiddish]. Peh (in Israel)means “pay.” The player adds a game piece to the pot.

The word dreidel literally translates to sevivon in Hebrew and that means to spin. We hope you spin and spin and spin some more to celebrate every Jews favorite festival of lights.

Download a copy today today.

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